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"Over the years, the olive oil has been connected to sacredness both for its healthy and natural healing qualities and for the symbolism that links the olive tree to peace.
For these reasons, in this very troubled year of wars and climate crisis, we thought of producing a limited edition of 70 little cans of extravergin olive oil produced by a small farm in Tuscany according to the principles of biodynamic farming and permaculture.

From this collaboration has born H|OLIO by H|umile for H|Amor: a hymn to Peace and Nature, a hymn to respect and simple living, a hymn to the sense of community that has always reunited farmers at the moment of harvesting and pressing, almost like a sacred rite.
These values ​​which have always lived in the hearts of men just like the olive oil has always lied on their tables, are what we would like to share with you through this project."


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